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WaterBoy is the new kid on the block taking on big brands like Liquid IV, Pedialyte, & Gatorade. They're a dissolvable powder, packed with electrolytes & zero sugar made for hangover relief and athletic recovery. It was clear from our first interaction with their founders Mike & Connor that they knew how to market their brand on TikTok.

Their marketing team produces in-house content that revolves around their office shenanigans which has grown their TikTok page to 100k+ followers. (definitely worth checking out!) 


But even brands who GET TikTok can still use help finding content creators to partner with to expand their ads library. That's where we come in. 

Within our first two months working with WaterBoy, our team curated a list of 70+ creators. Five creators were selected to produce 20 UGC assets that WaterBoy can now post & test across their paid ads. 

After learning a bit about WaterBoy's target audience, we landed on a few different creator archetypes that we would narrow down for our search. 

"You need to be super specific when defining what types of creators to work with.  A "fitness creator" can come in many different shapes and sizes. Do they workout at home or in a high-end gym? Do they appeal to body builders or the average Joe? In WaterBoy's case we were looking for fitness creators that aligned with their brand voice and could add a comedic element to every video.

- Oliver, Head of Brand Partnerships @ Otter Influence

When we came across @littledrownedrat, we knew instantly that she would be a perfect fit for WaterBoy. She was already creating hilarious workout vlogs that anyone could appreciate regardless of their fitness level.


We were able to plug WaterBoy into her existing content in an entertaining way that could educate potential customers about the product without it being an overly scripted ad. 


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“Absolutely loved working with Otter. They made the process so smooth, listened to our needs, and delivered them month after month!”

Chloe, Brand Development Manager

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