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GFUEL is an energy drink brand that typically targets gamers. Their team wanted to scale their influencer marketing on TikTok to reach new customers and promote their new line of drinks. 


Our team curated a list of 40+ creators which was narrowed down to a group of 11 based on content type, pricing & follower demos. Our team handled end-to-end campaign management and worked closely with each influencer to ensure their content was authentic to their typical content style to optimize results. 


When working with influencers, every piece of content must be made with their audience in mind. 

For @s1eepyjozu, his followers expect silly remakes of popular songs when they see his content. So in order to make his ad for GFUEL truly authentic, he created a song around the product that would engage his audience. The video was a hit on his page generating 2.3M views

In @ryan.omoto's case, his page was recently blowing up for his "fish tank full of (blank)" content. To jump on the popularity of this series, GFUEL sent him a ton of products to fill up the tank which felt very organic for his followers.


@vaseline_noodles is known for his high-quality scripted comedy content. He was given complete creative freedom to come up with a concept & script that he thought would integrate GFUEL seamlessly.

Overall, 11 pieces of content posted across each influencers' accounts accumulated over 9 million views. 


@vaseline_noodles, 610k Views

@ryan.omoto, 844k Views

@vflow_x0, 2.6M Views

@rhegan777, 500k Views

@s1eepyjozu, 2.3M Views

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