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Is Otter Influence Right For Me?

We work with creators who are passionate about making content and want to start earning more consistent income for their work. With no contract, no exclusivity, no upfront cost & no minimum follower requirements to join, we're one of the most flexible creator support services of its kind. 

After filling out our form, you will automatically be added to our General Network so that our team can begin pairing you with brands. If you are accepted into the Primary Network, we'll be in touch with next steps. If you are NOT accepted into the Primary Network, you will still remain in our General Network.

What If I Want To Leave The Network?

Since we have no contract, you're free to leave our network at any time. Just notify us so we can manually remove you.

What If I Already Have A Manager?

That’s okay! We work with creators on a non-exclusive basis meaning you may work with a manager and still get access to any brand opportunities we might have for you (if it's alright with your management). 

What Happens Once I Apply To The Primary Network?

How And When Do I Get Paid?

Our creators get paid as soon as the payment is issued from the brand to our account (usually net 30 days). Payments can be sent via PayPal, Zelle or direct deposit. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

The number of offers you receive & the average offer amount both depends on a variety of different factors, ranging from your content type, audience size, demographics, engagement, and partnership terms. Typically the creators in our network earn anywhere from $1k - $20k per brand deal. 

How Exactly Does This Work?

Once you join our network, someone from our team will contact you via email or text as soon as a brand makes an offer to work with you. We'll let you know upfront how much the offer is for, what the scope of the campaign looks like (number of posts, link in bio, etc.), and if there are any creative requirements you need to follow before making the content. The campaign manager assigned to the partnership will walk you through the brand agreement, make sure video concepts align with the brand's vision and ensure all drafts are submitted for approval and posted on time. If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, we're here to help.

Do I Have To Sign Anything To Join?

Nope! We're completely contract-free to give more freedom to creators. All you need to do is fill out our onboarding form to join. 

Does This Cost Anything To Join?

There are no upfront fees for joining our network however we do have a service fee for any deals we bring to you. Our service fee for creators in the Primary Network is 15%. Our service fee for creators in the General Network is 25%.

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