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FAQ: Talent Managers

How exactly does this work? 

Otter Influence provides creator casting services for our marketing & brand partners. We’re an alternative to influencer management platforms/marketplaces because we provide brands/agencies with highly curated lists of creators based on their campaign parameters. 


What brands do we work with?

The brands we work with vary from month to month since it depends on who our marketing partners are launching campaigns with. In the past, we’ve had creators cast on campaigns with major brands including Walmart, Amazon, Netflix, Aeropostale, and Gap just to name a few.


Can I add my entire roster to the network?

Yes, as long as you fill out the form on behalf of each creator you would like added.


Does this cost anything?

As a casting agency, we have a 15% service fee for any deals we bring to you and your talent. Please contact our talent acquisition team to discuss this further. 


Is there any flexibility on our service fee?

Unfortunately, 15% is the lowest we can go for our management partners. 


How does payment work? 

All payments are processed through Otter Influence. We’ll deduct our service fee and send the remaining balance to your company. We can issue payments through Zelle, PayPal, Willa, or direct deposit. We’re not responsible for any PayPal or other processing fees. 


Will we be in direct contact with the brand? 

No, Otter Influence will have a campaign manager assigned to each partnership and all communication will go through our team.


Will offers be sent to management or directly to the creator?

When you fill out the onboarding form, just indicate which email is best for sending offers. We want to keep management involved as much as possible. 


Is Otter Influence a marketplace?

No, we’re a casting agency that helps pair creators with relevant brand opportunities. 


Can we apply to brand deals?

Currently, there is no way to apply to brand partnerships. If any talent from your roster is selected, someone from our team will be in touch. 

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