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Dyce Games, known for their hilarious party games Bad People, Hot Seat & Pick Your Poison among others, was looking to grow their presence on TikTok. They also wanted to generate awareness for their new History Channel Trivia game that was launching in Walmart.  


Our team developed a custom plan that would tap into our network of UGC creators & influencers. 


Over the course of six months, we curated hundreds of creators for Dyce to review and select from. Creators ranged from comedy & lifestyle content to families and couples. Overall, our partnership with Dyce generated 6M+ views on TikTok plus over 50 UGC videos for Dyce to post across TikTok, IG Reels, FB Shorts, and paid ads. 

"Since Dyce was relatively new to TikTok, our goal was to be very intentional about testing lots of different types of creators and content.

- Oliver, Head of Brand Partnerships @ Otter Influence

Our team worked closely with every creator to develop content that was aligned with their normal TikTok style and that would incorporate the games in an organic way.

The creator @dannygentertainment is known for his competition-style TikToks where he usually competes with his girlfriend/brother about sports or pop culture. We tapped into his content by sending him a few of Dyce's most popular games to compete head to head. 

@imkatherineellis was going viral for her "NPR in the year 2494" videos where she pretends to be an NPR host. We jumped on this trend which allowed us to plug Dyce as the 'sponsor" of her fake radio show. 

@khian.kb is another example of taking content that is already working on a creators page and finding a way to organically incorporate a brand. Khian is known for his "Edna-Mode" walk impersonation and most of his content takes places in department stores and markets. Dyce wanted to show off how their products were now available in Target & Walmart so we enlisted Khian to create in-store skits. 


@dannygentertainment, 520k Views








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