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What Is A UGC Campaign?

A UGC (user-generated content) campaign is when a brand hires a content creator to make videos for the brand to use on its social media channels, website, and ads. You are NOT required to post on your own channel for these campaigns. 

Is The UGC Network Right For Me?

We work with creators who are passionate about making video content and want to start earning more consistent income.


How Will Brands Use My Content?

All UGC campaigns will have agreed upon organic & paid usage terms. Organic usage includes posting content to the brand's social media & website. Paid usage refers to promoting the content as an ad. 


What Are The Video Requirements For UGC Campaigns?

Typically, the content will be shot vertically for TikTok & Reels and can be anywhere from 10-60 seconds. Every campaign will come with a creative brief and brand requirements which you can review prior to accepting the offer. You will also be required to submit video concepts/outlines prior to shooting & up to 2 revisions per video.


How Exactly Does This Work?

Once you join our UGC network, our team will start connecting you with relevant brand opportunities. If you’re a good fit, we’ll contact you via email to confirm your interest. You’ll know upfront how much the offer is for, and what the scope of the campaign looks like (number of posts, timeline, creative, etc.) before you accept. If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, we're here to help.


How And When Do I Get Paid?

You will be paid 7-days after all of your content is approved. Payments are issued through Zelle or PayPal.


How Much Money Can I Make?

Standard fees vary from $100 to $500+ per video. 


Does This Cost Anything To Join?

It’s free to join and there is no service fee for accepting a UGC campaign. 


What If I Want To Leave The UGC Network?

Just contact our team and we will remove you from the network.

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