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About Us

Hi, we're Otter Influence. We're a talent management agency built specifically for content creators. Since 2020, our team has represented a diverse roster of talent across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 

If you're looking to take the next step in your creator journey, let's chat!

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What We Offer

Full-Service Talent Management

Contract & Fee Negotiations

Brand Outreach

Content Strategies

Growth & Development

Campaign Coordination 

Social Media Expertise

PR & Events

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"Working with Otter Influence has been great! Everyone is so helpful and represents me amazingly." 

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"Otter Influence has helped me reach more brands than ever before in my social media career. Along with getting me better rates, their management team helped expand my social media presence. This agency took so much weight off my shoulders, I just wish I could've joined them sooner. "




"I absolutely love working with Otter influence! They’ve helped me connect with so many bigger brands. They also make it so much easier to handle collaborations and are always super helpful."



"I've worked with Otter Influence since 2021, and in that time, my account has seen substantial growth. From negotiating high-paying brand deals to providing general content advice, Otter Influence always has my best interest in mind."



"Otter Influence has connected me with major brands and has negotiated deals more than triple what I was receiving before. They're also quick to answer and always willing to help out with other needs."



"Otter influence has helped me realize my worth. They have shown me how valuable my time and talent is and I am beyond grateful. They’re also very easy to communicate with and will fight for you on every end. I love that they actually care about us."

We've generated millions of $$$$$$ for our talent. 

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And have secured our talent partnerships with leading brands.



Just A Few Of The Creators We Represent

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